Which Wheelchair Suits You?

Mobility Pitstop can help you pick your perfect mobility solution.

Depending on what your mobility level is, and your needs, there are a number of different types of wheelchair available to you. Our helpful guide will give you a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the main types, and a guide on where to look next.

Self Propelled Wheelchair, or Manual Wheelchair


  • entirely self controlled
  • no battery to charge
  • lightweight
  • compact (easy to manoeuvre)
  • can be folded down into a car’s boot


  • few features
  • tyres need regular inflation
  • requires upper body strength
  • can be tiring to use on outings

Transit Wheelchairs


  • great if you can’t use a self propelled wheelchair
  • designed specifically to help carers
  • can be lightweight (aluminium) or heavy duty (bariatric)
  • don’t take up lots of space
  • folds away


  • reliant on someone else to push you

Power Chairs


  • great if you are in your chair all day
  • easy power steering
  • can adjust seat and height more accurately
  • smaller turning circle than a scooter
  • great in bathrooms and bedrooms where space is tight
  • pulls up to tables for meetings and meals


  • expensive to rent or buy
  • heavy (100kgs upwards)
  • more expensive battery requirements
  • hard to move if your batteries run low (two strong people)
  • requires a ramp for drops larger than 3 inches
  • difficult to dismantle for transporting
  • cannot be lifted into a vehicle, without the vehicle being specially adapted or having a lift fitted

Electric Scooters


  • great for milder issues that affect short trips
  • usually have some storage features such as a basket
  • will fold or break into sections that can be put in a car’s boot


  • too big for indoor use generally
  • may have to leave outside shops and restaurants as they are too big

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