• Which Wheelchair Suits You?

    Van Os Excel G3 'Lightweight' 24" Rear Wheels

    Mobility Pitstop can help you pick your perfect mobility solution. Depending on what your mobility level is, and your needs, there are a number of different types of wheelchair available to you. Our helpful guide will give you a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the main types, and a guide on where to […]

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  • Sizing Guides

    Finding your perfect fit… Most people should order their normal shoe size in a medium fit. For narrower or wider fittings you should use the measuring instructions and find the correct fitting in the chart. Find your Foot Length in the left column to identify your SHOE SIZE*, move across the table to the first […]

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  • Disabled Travel Insurance

    When you’re travelling abroad, it’s important to have travel insurance which can look after you if the worst happens. If you have a disability or a medical condition, you will need to consider which policy and company you go with even more carefully. The greatest confusion insurers find with clients is over what constitutes a […]

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  • Legal Issues and Insurance

    Legal Issues and Insurance for Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs The Law on Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs There are UK laws that cover the use of scooters and powered wheelchairs outdoors off private land. In law, these are still referred to as “invalid carriages”. The powered scooters and wheelchairs fit into two classes: Class 2 […]

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  • Ask an Expert

    Have any questions about our products or online store? We’ve listed all our most frequently asked questions here… Mobility Batteries How do I know what size of battery I need? How do I know which type of battery I need? How many batteries are fitted to my scooter or powerchair? What’s the difference between AGM […]

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  • Shipping Costs

    Free Delivery on orders  £50 and above (net)**. We aim to despatch goods the same day for next day delivery. Now shipping Overseas! See below for estimated costs.    ** For order within the UK only, net of VAT. Be the first to know about our special offers, subscribe to our newsletter >>

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  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions Have any questions about our products or online store? We’ve listed all our most frequently asked questions here… Question How do I pay for my mobilitypitstop goods by cheque? Can I return my goods? Why do we use Google? Who keeps my credit card details & are they safe? Do I qualify […]

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