Sizing Guides

Finding your perfect fit…

Most people should order their normal shoe size in a medium fit. For narrower or wider fittings you should use the measuring instructions and find the correct fitting in the chart.

Find your Foot Length in the left column to identify your SHOE SIZE*, move across the table to the first measurement greater than your Foot Width to identify your WIDTH FITTING:

TIPS FOR BETTER MEASUREMENT: Wear the socks/hosiery you would normally wear and take measurements towards the end of the day – your feet will usually expand during the course of the day.

*YOU MAY BE A SMALLER SIZE THAN YOU EXPECTED. People often have to buy shoes that are bigger than they really need just to fit wider feet. Your Dr. Comfort shoes should be both the correct length and width for your feet.

How to measure your feet…

  1. Put a piece of paper on the floor against a wall. Stand on the paper with heels against the wall.
  2. For each foot mark the paper at the tip of the longest toe.
  3. Measure in mm the distance from the edge of the paper to the furthest mark in mm.

Men’s Fitting Chart

Foot Length Size Medium Wide Extra Wide
247-251mm UK Size 7 99mm 113mm 122mm
252-255mm UK Size 7.5 103mm 118mm 127mm
256-259mm UK Size 8 105mm 119mm 129mm
260-264mm UK Size 8.5 107mm 121mm 130mm
265-268mm UK Size 9 108mm 122mm 132mm
269-272mm UK Size 9.5 110mm 124mm 133mm
273-276mm UK Size 10 111mm 125mm 135mm
277-281mm UK Size 10.5 113mm 127mm 137mm
282-285mm UK Size 11 114mm 129mm 138mm
286-289mm UK Size 11.5 117mm 131mm 140mm
290-293mm UK Size 12 118mm 132mm 142mm
294-297mm UK Size 12.5 120mm 134mm 143mm
298-305mm UK Size 13.5 123mm 137mm N/A
306-315mm UK Size 14.5 126mm 140mm N/A

Ladies Fitting Chart

Foot Length Size Narrow Medium Wide Extra Wide
215-219mm UK Size 3 76mm 95mm 105mm 114mm
220-223mm UK Size 3.5 77mm 97mm 107mm 116mm
224-227mm UK Size 4 79mm 98mm 108mm 118mm
228-232mm UK Size 4.5 81mm 100mm 110mm 120mm
233-236mm UK Size 5 82mm 101mm 112mm 121mm
237-241mm UK Size 5.5 84mm 103mm 114mm 123mm
242-245mm UK Size 6 85mm 105mm 115mm 125mm
246-249mm UK Size 6.5 86mm 106mm 117mm 126mm
250-254mm UK Size 7 88mm 108mm 118mm 127mm
255-258mm UK Size 7.5 90mm 110mm 120mm 129mm
259-262mm UK Size 8 91mm 111mm 122mm 130mm
263-266mm UK Size 8.5 93mm 113mm 123mm 132mm
267-275mm UK Size 9.5 96mm 116mm 126mm 135mm

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