Disabled Travel Insurance

When you’re travelling abroad, it’s important to have travel insurance which can look after you if the worst happens. If you have a disability or a medical condition, you will need to consider which policy and company you go with even more carefully.

The greatest confusion insurers find with clients is over what constitutes a pre-existing condition. Check the insurer’s medical declaration carefully to understand their classification. Don’t assume that if your disability or medical conditions are well managed, that they are of low importance to your chosen insurer, or that you should not declare them.

You may wish to look elsewhere than the travel agents, banks and big insurers to get the best policy and price from specialist providers. Their terms will often be more flexible, and could cover your wheelchair, or take into account the significance of your carer’s role in enabling you to carry out the trip. If your carer is unable to travel, in turn meaning you also cannot travel, you will want to be able to recoup the costs if you have to cancel.

It is recommended that for best results, you speak directly to the professional advisers at the company, by telephone. Discuss with them any prescribed medication, continued medical treatment, stroke history, respiratory, circulatory or cancerous conditions.

If you don’t declare these accurately, you won’t be able to claim for incurred medical costs if they are in any way related to past or present conditions. With specialist insurance, it is unwise to base a decision on cost alone, so plan well ahead and take advice as soon as possible.

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