12V 55Ah Black Box Sealed Lead Acid Mobility Scooter Battery

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12 Month Warranty Premium Quality


12V 55Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery. This battery is suitable to be fitted to any brand of mobility scooter.

AGM batteries are defined as Non Hazardous & Non-Spillable by the Department of Transport (DOT), the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Our SLA/AGM batteries offer:

Fully rechargeable.
Maintenance free.
Outstanding performance, withstanding high current output and deep cycling.
Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat.
Exceptional leak resistance even in an upside-down position.
Reliable power for critical applications such as your mobility scooter or power-chair.

Dimensions: (L) 226mm x (W) 135mm x (H) 214mm

This battery comes with 1 years warranty against manufacturing defect. We recommend that batteries are charged on a regular basis even if the powerchair/scooter is not being used.

Mobility Pitstop always recommends that batteries are replaced in pairs.

Additional information


Black Box Battery


Battery Case Sizes 50Ah – 56Ah

This product will fit the following mobility scooters.

Advanced Vehicle Concepts
Quingo Vitess,


Electric Mobility
450, 650, 850, P200, P301SL, P301SP, P327, P327XL, P330D,

Etac Balder F270, Etac Balder F280, Etac Balder F290, Etac Balder L270, Etac Balder L280, Etac Balder XP, Etac E870, Etac E875, Etac E880, Etac E885, Etac E890, Etac E895,

City Ranger 8, Land Ranger S,

Gerald Simonds
Levo C3, Levo C3 MK1, Levo C3 MK2, Levo Combi, Levo Combi Junior/Kids,

Dragon, Harrier XHD, Orion (4 wheel), Spectra XTR, Storm, Storm 3, Stream, XTerra,


EUROGO 3 / Kudos K3, EUROGO 4 / Kudos k4, EUROGO 6/ Kudos K6,

Midi XL ForU,

Levo C3, Levo C3 MK1, Levo C3 MK2, Levo Combi,

Patterson Medical
ST4B, ST4R, Viper, Viper FWD, Volt, Volt FWD, Volt Flex,

Pride Mobility Products
Apex Epic, Artemis, Aspen Powerchair, Colt Pursuit, Colt XL8, Icon, Jazzy 1120/ PS 6”, Jazzy 1121, Jazzy 1400/ ps 6”, Jazzy Fusion, Legend Classic XL8, Maxima, Pride Fusion, Pride Reactor, Quantem Q6 Edge 2.0, Quantum 1402/ PS 6”, Quantum 1420/ PS 6”, Quantum 600, Quantum 600 Paediatric, Quantum 600 XL, Quantum 600/XL, Quantum 6000/ PS 6”, Quantum Q6 Edge, Viper 3, Viper 4,

Granada, Marbella,

Sunrise Medical Ltd
Quickie Salsa M, Quickie Tango,

Breeze Midi 3, Breeze Midi 4, Mystere, Vita 3, Vita 4,

Van Os Medical
Excel Entice ‘Universe’ 3 wheel, Excel Entice ‘Universe’ 4 wheel, Excel Entice 3 wheel, Excel Entice 4 wheel, Excel Excite ‘Galaxy’ 3 wheel, Excel Excite ‘Galaxy’ 4 wheel, Excel Excite 3 wheel, Excel Excite 4 wheel,

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