Winter Care Checklist


Check your tyres regularly.

Before you set out, it’s important to check your tyres for signs of wear & tear. This is especially important in winter months when conditions can make surfaces slippery. If your scooter has pneumatic tyres, these should be correctly inflated and the pressures checked on a monthly basis. If your scooter has solid tyres this step is not necessary.

Protect yourself (and your scooter) from the weather.

Mobility Scooters have electrical components and it is important to prevent water getting in where it shouldn’t. Cover your control panel with a protective cover or consider a rain cape to keep both yourself & your scooter dry. Always wrap up warm when on your scooter and wear reflective clothing if travelling in the dark.

Clean after use to prevent rust.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your mobility scooter after use to remove traces of dirt, especially on metalwork. Try to dry your mobility scooter as much as possible before storing as this will help prevent the components from rusting.

Store your Mobility Scooter in a dry place.

Ideally scooters should be stored in a dry place, such as a in the house, a garage or shed. However if this cannot be achieved they should be stored in as much of a sheltered area as possible and covered with a scooter cover.

Look after your batteries.

In colder temperatures your battery will not perform to its full potential, so don’t expect the same mileage you get in summer months. Always leave home with your batteries fully charged. For scooters that will have minimal/very low usage, charge the batteries every two weeks with a full overnight charge.

Important! Even if you don’t plan to use your scooter during the winter, you still need to correctly maintain the batteries. To do this, charge the batteries with a full overnight charge, then disconnect from the machine. This will stop any drainage of the battery from the control system. Every month, reconnect the batteries & recharge overnight.

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