Get The Very Best Out Of Your Mobility Batteries!

Battery Installation

  • Wheelchairs and scooters typically require two batteries with 24-volt series connection. Never mix and match different battery manufacturers or technologies, or use batteries that do not have similar date codes. Never mix Gel batteries and AGM batteries.
  • Always fully charge batteries prior to use
  • Follow installation and start-up instructions provided by the mobility equipment manufacturer.

Break-In Period

Active users of power wheelchairs cycle their batteries daily (deep cycling). This stringent application requires a unique battery design that will sometimes compromise initial capacity in return for longer battery life. Gel battery performance improves once the battery has been cycled (discharged and recharged) 15-20 times. This break-in period is necessary to fully activate the battery for maximum performance and longevity. Thus, range and running time of your mobility device could initially increase with use.

When to Charge

  • Charge Daily
  • The charger supplied with your mobility device should fully charge your batteries overnight. Overcharging is not a problem with today’s smart chargers as they are voltage limited and shut off automatically. Sealed Gel and AGM batteries do not exhibit a “use it or lose it” capacity-robbing effect known as “memory”.

Proper Charging Guidelines

  • Use the equipment manufacturer’s automatic charger for all routine charging.
  • Never use an automotive or wet-type charge on Sealed Gel or AGM batteries as doing so will damage your battery.
  • Depth of discharge affects cycle life. The harder a battery must work the shorter its life expectancy.
  • Avoid ultra-deep discharges and never drain your batteries completely
  • Do not leave your batteries in a low state of charge for an extended length of time. Charge a discharged battery as soon as possible.
  • Do not cycle your batteries at a low state of charge without regularly recharging them fully.

Storage and Maintenance

  • Always store your batteries FULLY CHARGED
  • Check all stored batteries once a month and recharge as needed
  • Fully charged Sealed Gel and AGM batteries can hold a charge for up to 6 months, however, they should always be charged before use.
  • When storing a power chair or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries first and then disconnect them for storage.
  • Avoid hot and cold extremes when storing
  • Sealed Gel and AGM batteries require no watering. Any performance-related issues should be handled by a properly trained wheelchair or scooter technician.

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