• Castor Wheel Guide

    Castor wheels are the swivel wheels on manual and powered wheelchairs. They are available in various different sizes and styles. In a lot of instances the dimensions of the castor wheel are written on the side wall of the tyre. If there are no markings on the tyre the castor will have to be measured […]

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  • Puncture Proof Tyres

    Puncture Proof Tyres from Mobility Pitstop. These tyres are completely solid, and therefore cannot be punctured or burst. Mobility Pitstop now offer solid puncture proof tyres which are manufactured using improved polyurethane processes which are much lighter and provide a much softer ride than traditional rubber based infill processes. In fact the ride quality is […]

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  • Tyre Fitting

    Pneumatic Tyre Fitting Always work in a clean environment where possible. Before fitting check that the tyre is the correct size for the rim and there are no obvious signs of damage or manufacturing defect. If using a new inner tube (advisable) check that it is the correct size for the tyre you are fitting […]

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