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Greencare Luxury Built Wheelchair

A Luxury Wheelchair Built Just for You

Greencare Luxury Wheelchair Luxury Wheelchair by Greencare

Greencare wheelchairs are specified by the NHS, exported around the world and are individually hand built by a team of British engineers.

If you were going to buy a pair of shoes you'd want them to fit and be comfortable. You'd probably give a shop assistant your size and try them on for a bit. So when you need a wheelchair, why would compromise?

Choosing a boxed pre-made wheelchair from a website or catalogue is taking a chance with something you may grow to rely on and spend more time using than your favourite shoes.

The right fitting chair is not desirable, it's essential

A wheelchair is a medical device, for some it will be needed for a quick trip to the shops and for others provide a seat for a large part of the day. If incorrectly fitted it can cause more problems than it solves. Yet it need not be difficult or expensive to make sure a wheelchair fits you, fits where you live and fits comfortably.

It's a simple process

It involves obtaining your measurements, checking posture and seating position, considering personal medical conditions, observing environmental issues such as narrow doors, ramps or tight corners and finally discussing how you want to use the wheelchair.

Download the Greencare Brochure (PDF)

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GreenCare Luxury Built Wheelchair

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