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How to Change Mobility Scooter Batteries

Watch our helpful video & see full instructions

Consult the owner's manual for details on your make and model of scooter, and step by step instructions on how to replace the batteries. Your scooter may look a bit different to the one we use in our video, but the general steps are much the same.

If you're not sure which type of mobility scooter battery you will need, ask our experts. Your batteries will normally be situated in the rear of the scooter, quite low down, and your manual will be able to show you more specifically. You’ll probably need some simple tools, such as a spanner, screwdriver and pliers. It may help to ask someone to assist you.

  1. To prevent the scooter from moving about as you work on it, put it in drive gear instead of neutral before turning it off. This will prevent the scooter moving while you make the replacements.

  2. Next you will probably need to remove the seat, as shown in our video. Seats may be detached using levers, pins or some screws. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

  3. Open cover over the top of the battery area, and place aside out of the way, and examine the battery cables and positions. If you want a point of reference, take a photograph.

  4. Unplug the batteries from the scooter, as shown in the video, this may be two plugs between the batteries.

  5. Unclip the batteries from any secure straps. Don’t tip the batteries or put them on their sides, make sure they stay upright.

  6. Lift the batteries out one at a time. Don’t pull at cables that are snagged, as you may damage your scooter.

  7. Uncover the points, which will probably be covered by shrouding, either side of the top of the battery.

  8. Use a spanner or appropriate tool for the connections to loosen and undo the connections – starting with the red (positive) connection first. When disconnecting the black (negative) connection, be sure not to touch any other parts of your scooter. Important – don't let the wires touch.

  9. Connect the cables to the replacement batteries, being sure to connect the points up in the same way.

  10. Replace the batteries in position, secure the batteries with restraints and tighten strap. Reconnect batteries to the scooter if you disconnected the cables at both ends.

  11. Replace outer cover, replace seat. Don’t forget your scooter is still in drive. Charge the batteries overnight.

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