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AGM Mobility Batteries

Why not upgrade to GEL Batteries?

Why should I upgrade to puncture proof tyres?

  • No punctures....ever!
  • Ride quality of a pneumatic tyre
  • Optimises tyre wear
  • Maintenance free

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Why should I upgrade to Gel Batteries?

  • Superior cycle life
  • Designed for deep discharge
  • Maintenance free
  • Recommended for power chair & everyday scooter users

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Mobility Pitstop sells various brands, types and sizes of mobility scooter batteries. Each of the differing types of mobility scooter batteries has its advantages depending on what you are looking for from the battery; but the general rule is that the more you pay - the longer you can expect the battery to last.

We sell both Gel and Sealed Lead-acid mobility scooter batteries. We recommend Gel batteries for all Powerchair users. Mobility scooter batteries and wheelchair batteries can be either sealed lead-acid or Gel depending on what performance you are looking for, the price you want to pay and how often you use the chair. We always recommend replacing mobility scooter batteries and wheelchair batteries in pairs.

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