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12V 15Ah UPG Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Mobility Scooter Battery

AGM Mobility Batteries

Brand: UPG Mobility
Part Number: UB12150

12V 15Ah UPG Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Mobility Scooter Battery

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Premium Quality
12 Month Warranty

Was £28.99
Our Price £24.99 exc VAT. each
You Save £4.00!
£29.99 each (Inc. VAT at 20%)


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12V 15Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery. This battery is suitable to be fitted to any brand of mobility scooter.

AGM batteries are defined as Non Hazardous & Non-Spillable by the Department of Transport (DOT), the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Our SLA/AGM batteries offer:

• Fully rechargeable.
• Maintenance free.
• Outstanding performance, withstanding high current output and deep cycling.
• Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat.
• Lower-self-discharge.
• Exceptional leak resistance even in an upside-down position.
• Reliable power for critical applications such as your mobility scooter or power-chair.

Dimensions: (L) 151mm x (W) 99mm x (H) 100mm

This battery has the same physical dimensions as a 12Ah battery. This battery will provide a greater range than the standard 12Ah on a single charge.

These batteries are suitable for electric bikes such as Powabykes.

This battery comes with 1 years warranty against manufacturing defect. We recommend that batteries are charged on a regular basis even if the powerchair/scooter is not being used.

Mobility Pitstop always recommends that batteries are replaced in pairs.

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